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I guide attorney-leaders and executives to perform at an elite level while reducing stress and increasing their leadership abilities and influence.

What if you could unlock your elite levels of performance, not by working harder, but by shifting how you relate to yourself and others?

What if that also resulted in you enjoying your work more and commanding greater respect & influence?

What would that be worth to you?
To your team?
To your loved ones?


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I work with exceptional attorney-leaders and executives, guiding them to perform at an elite level while reducing stress and increasing their leadership abilities and influence. In our work together, my clients create an extraordinary, well-balanced life they love, with phenomenal relationships.

As a trusted advisor to law firm managing partners, executives, and their leadership teams, I help them get laser-clear and aligned on what their vision is, what obstacles stand in the way, and how to become a unified, collaborative team that values both people and profit.

Trust builds, issues are quickly resolved, and everyone is aligned behind a clear, common vision in an exceptionally satisfying workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

If there is conflict among members of your executive team, I can help you resolve those issues at the root level, helping everyone emerge as more capable leaders who enjoy working together toward your company's mission.

Reach out to me at or to schedule your complimentary 30 min consultation.

What Clients and Expert Coaches Are Saying about Joan-Claire:

"The results were consistent: associates with deeper connection to the law firm... increased productivity, better team communications and engagement overall." — Joseph Hoffer, Managing Partner at Schulman, Lopez, Hoffer & Adelstein, LLP

“Joan-Claire is an excellent coach for leaders. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to integrate their vision of leadership into what may seem like challenging high-pressure work environments.” — Neha Arora, Chief Risk Officer, Athora Life Re

"That was the most fluid, graceful, and well-put-together Zoom session I've ever sat in or seen anyone lead." — Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach

Imagine that in as little as a few weeks your business team starts to:

  1. Enjoy working together.

  2. Speak straight to each other.

  3. Keep its word to each other.

  4. Authentically acknowledge and appreciate each other.

  5. Get curious, not judgmental, when things don’t go as planned.

  6. Be committed and dedicated to your organization and its mission, to its clients, and to working for each other.

  7. Take ownership for everything in their control, without blame.

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Ten Actions to Improve Your Performance as an Attorney (or Business Leader)

Download a copy of my booklet to help you and your team improve performance and team collaboration.  Case studies included.

attorney performance booklet

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