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Individual Coaching

Highly Individualized Attention

2 to 18 months

Casual Business Meeting

Group Coaching

Time & Format

Tailored to Your Needs

Peer-to-Peer Support

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Intensives in
Sedona & Hawaii

Immersive Transformation

Individual or Group

Joan-Claire offers powerful options tailored to you or your organization's specific needs, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching, as well as invigorating individual or group 1-3 day intensives that fully immerse you in incredible natural surroundings in Sedona or in Hawaii.

Claim Your Complimentary 45 Minute Coaching Consultation, Valued at $500.

During this no-obligation call, we will discuss your specific situation as a business leader, entrepreneur, or organizational decision-maker and how I can help you achieve your desired outcome in the shortest time possible.  Confidentiality is always guaranteed.


If desired, I'm also happy to share:

  • How my leadership and mental fitness training can serve you or your organization's particular needs, challenges, and initiatives with ongoing, lasting growth beyond the length of the 7-week program;

  • The exact process I use to take business leaders and organizations from high-conflict, stressful, dysfunctional environments with high turnover to high-performing, productive workplaces with respected leadership and an engaged, loyal team; and

  • The biggest problem business leaders come to me with which keeps them and their team performing at below their potential.


This is ONLY for business leaders and entrepreneurs who are serious about improving their performance, well-being, and relationships at the root level.  They are committed to taking ownership of all that is within their control, creating themselves from the inside out.


Click on the link below, or email, and secure your complimentary consultation.


Relationship Mastery Blueprint for Executives

Are you ready to uplevel all your relationships, from the inside out?

Tired of complaining about your colleagues, employees, or family members and feeling like you have to micromanage them?

Do you want to gain the emotional skillset and learn strategies to powerfully create all your relationships, while at the same time increasing your productivity and profitability or earning power?

Then you may be a great candidate for my 6-month 1:1 container.

You must be willing to:

  • look within for the answers to all your challenges

  • open to changing the way you think and speak, forever

  • take responsibility for how you experience everything in your life

  • identify what you are no longer willing to accommodate and take courageous action accordingly

The investment for this 6-month package is $25K.​

Email me at for further details or schedule a complimentary consultation below.

Full Self-Expression
1:1 Package

In 2024, I have one spot available for 18 months of private coaching and mentoring for a highly committed female business executive.  Expect these kind of results

  • increased clarity and focus on your vision

  • increased confidence and executive presence

  • much higher productivity, but with less effort

  • increased resilience and ability to create the best outcome in any situation

  • increased profitability or earning potential

  • improved professional and personal relationships

  • increased fulfillment 

Consider yourself a possible candidate for this special container if you:

  • are a lifelong learner

  • are open to doing deep inner work to achieve the outcomes you want in your life and business

  • honor your commitments to yourself and others

  • are accustomed to making powerful investments in yourself and your business to make quantum leaps in your life and business

  • would love to have some tantalizing experiences in Hawaii with your private coach and mentor!

Your investment is $200K.​ 

I will be your Devoted Champion, challenging your thinking in ways you have never experienced, being for your utmost success in every area of your life.

Inquire at if you would love to have further details and grab this spot before it's taken.​ 

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