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How to Get the Most out of 2024


Presence to your self and your emotions.

Presence to your family and loved ones.

Presence to those you pass on the street, at the grocery store, or as you take a walk.

Presence to the person speaking to you.

Presence to that one task at hand, being in your body, not stuck in your head.

Presence to your own energy – is it love, abundance, and gratitude . . . or fear and scarcity?

Presence to life and the Source of all life.

Presence to when you are not being present.

This is the biggest “task” of each day, or may we call it the biggest


And therein lies our happiness . . . and greatest impact.


Lately I’ve been reflecting on how I can build more Presence into my life.

How can I create my day such that being Present is built into my day? Into my week? Into my month?

It certainly shifts the way I look at how I use my time.

A major paradigm shift.

Not just what I’m doing, but how am I doing it?

How can I build more Presence into every moment?

How can I “eke” the most out of life, through Presence?

How can I give more, to myself and others, through Presence?

How many “problems” could become happenings or even gifts, simply through 


After all, everything is temporary . . 

Except our souls and the Source of everything.

How will I nurture this soul of mine and others’ in the limited time I have on this planet . .. 



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