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Recoup Your Emotional and Mental Energy With This One Powerful Skill

As a business leader, do you often feel anxious, stressed, or unfocused?

Do you notice it, in real time, without blaming yourself, others, or the circumstances?

Then you're more than halfway there to turning the tide on experiencing these unwelcome states of being.

Blameless self-observation is an extraordinary tool to cultivate, if you want to feel these emotions less and less.

Key word here: blameless.

What can happen instead is that we notice the feeling of stress, anxiety, irritation, or lack of focus, and we beat ourselves up for it. 

We tell ourselves we will always feel this way, or we ask the unforgiving (and worthless) question, "What's wrong with me?" 

We may also begin to blame others (in our own mind) for feeling this way. We may even blame the situation: "If only this were different, I'd feel better."

Blame and shame bring us further away from feeling the peace, calm, and focus that all of us desire, no matter where it is directed.

Instead, practice acknowledging yourself for each moment you slow down to just notice (with curiosity) that you feel stressed, anxious, irritated, upset, nervous, angry, or unfocused.

Enjoy the peace (and practice) of self-observation, with zero blame or judgment.

Let me know how this goes for you, and if you're already there and want to deepen your ability to effectively lead yourself and others, with greater influence and impact, email me at and we can explore the next steps for you.

Blameless self-observation always comes first.

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