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Question Your Beliefs . . . or Reap What You (Unknowingly) Sow

Do your deeply held beliefs support the outcomes you want to create in your business and your life?

Do they support your joy and fulfillment, in your work and personal relationships?

How would you even know, if you have never taken a closer look at what you believe, across the board – about yourself, about your work, and about the world?

An attorney client of mine recently told me that someone in her extended family circle who is demonstrating extremely controlling and manipulative behavior over a family member always says, “There is no such thing as love or happiness. There’s only fear.”

This is, arguably, an extreme example of a belief that can have seriously unhelpful repercussions, not only in his own life but in those of his family members (with a ripple effect outward).

But I share it here as an example of how your deeply held beliefs and worldview inform all the decisions and actions you make, and therefore your outcomes in your work, your business, and your relationships.
It may be “extreme,” but everything you believe affects your decisions and actions, and therefore your outcomes.

What do you believe about yourself?

What do you believe is an acceptable way to work with your colleagues?

What do you believe about money?

What do you believe about “working hard” vs taking time to slow down and rest? Is one “right” and the other strongly frowned upon?

What do you believe about what it means to be successful?

Have you ever taken time to examine your beliefs with curiosity, apart from your childhood upbringing, your cultural or religious background, or societal expectations?

Have your team members?

As a business owner or leader, how are your colleagues’ beliefs impacting their ability to perform at their highest level?  How do these beliefs impact their ability to collaborate and build rapport with each other, with clients, and with vendors?

Email me at if you’d like to begin to explore how your beliefs, as a business leader, are affecting your ability to feel fulfilled and achieve your desired outcomes -- especially the outcomes you would love in your life, not those that you think you should have.

And, if you have a business team, I can share with you how I can help your team members increase their productivity and reach their elite levels of performance and collaboration by helping them begin to observe their own beliefs, with curiosity. 

These are life-long emotional intelligence and leadership skills that build a culture of deeper trust and help you retain top talent.

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