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Living Fully Expressed: an 8-Week Transformative Program & Mastermind for Female Leaders

Updated: Feb 29

Magnificent Female Leader:

Are you longing to be fully self-expressed?

Would you love to join a community of powerful female leaders (who are also moms), living their lives in alignment, from the Heart?

"But there's no time!" you may respond.

"Life is incredibly busy" has been your mantra.

I hear you - it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that there's simply no time for you and your personal growth.

You juggle a demanding career and many family responsibilities.

But, Beautiful, sometimes you've got to slow down in order to speed up.

And not speed up so you can BE more, but rather speed up toward living a life you love.

While many of your daily tasks can be delegated to others – whether it's getting someone to shuttle your kids, help you take care of your home, or prepare your meals – the truth remains that some vital aspects of your life can't be outsourced if you want to truly excel in your role as a professional leader (and mom).

By committing just 3% of your waking hours over 8 weeks to intensive learning and practice, you can open the door to unlocking higher levels of effectiveness, self-expression, and fulfillment.

That's why I'm thrilled to introduce a comprehensive, research-backed, 8-week program that’s grounded in the latest findings from neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology, and performance science.  It provides you with the tools you need to embrace your true self, establish critical boundaries, and turn every challenge into an opportunity.

Additionally, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to connect deeply with and learn from other female leaders who share similar life challenges.

Sharing your experiences and insights with this supportive, powerful community of women can be an irreplaceable source of wisdom and encouragement, helping you uncover effective solutions and reach your full potential.

Program Overview:

Week 1: Connecting to Your Vision of a Fully Expressed Life as a Female Leader

In this foundational week, you'll have the opportunity to define your goals and connect with your vision of a fully-expressed life as a female leader. Understanding why your goals are important to you is foundational to the weeks ahead and will keep you motivated and consistent in your daily practice.

Don't know your goals yet? That's OK. You get to start dreaming and exploring, coming from love for yourself.

Week 2: Learning to Slow Down to Speed Up

In this second week, you'll discover science-backed, practical tools you can use in your daily professional life to harness the power of slowing down to gain clarity and momentum.  Learn how to balance your professional and personal life while improving your well-being and productivity.

Week 3: Observing Your Inner Critic

Your inner critic can be a relentless companion. Increase your awareness of this inner dialogue and learn how to set boundaries with it, so it no longer controls your life. This approach is guided by cutting-edge practices to help you gain self-awareness, in the moment, in your busy life.

Week 4: Overcoming the Pleaser and Controller Within

Do you find yourself saying “yes” to things that don't truly serve you or feeling like you need to fix everything for others, including your partner/spouse or kids? It's time to reclaim your power and establish healthier boundaries, supported by evidence-based strategies.

Week 5: Transforming Challenges into Gifts

Discover the art of turning every challenge into an opportunity, both in your personal and professional life. This approach is rooted in the science of resilience and growth.  

Week 6: Connect to Your Most Authentic Self & Essence

See the unique beauty and power that is YOU in a way you have never encountered before. Connect to your heart at a deep level, as a new practice.  Begin a relationship with yourself that will keep you enlivened, strong, and encouraged no matter what challenges you face.

Week 7: Unleash Your Inner Creative and Curious Spirit

Embrace your innate gifts of creativity and curiosity. Use them to craft a purpose-filled life that aligns with your values and passions, backed by research on the benefits of creativity in personal development.

Week 8: Crafting a Powerful Plan for Quarter 2 of 2024 and Beyond

Develop a comprehensive plan to carry forward all that you've learned in this program into every area of your life, in quarter 2 of 2024 and beyond. Through daily practice, you'll reinforce your newfound skills and outlook, in alignment with proven methodologies.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Investment: $1,497 per person (register by March 10th for an early-bird discount)

  • 1-hour training video each weekend for 8 weeks 

  • Daily transformational practice in an app (optional but highly encouraged) that contains the entirety of program videos, mental performance gym, and supplemental modules, with access to everything for an entire year

  • 8 weekly group coaching calls (recording available if unable to attend any weeks)

  • Includes one 1:1 x 60 min. call, to be used within 4 months of the start of the program

  • Start Date: March 23, 2024 (may adjust start date depending on interest – please let me know if you prefer a different start date)

  • Option of a group retreat (additional investment) to dive even deeper into this work, in a TBD beautiful location at the end of the program for all participants!

Are you ready to join a community of like-minded female leaders (moms) who are on a journey to living fully expressed and thriving in every aspect of life, guided by the latest research in personal and professional development? Your investment in this program will empower you to be a female leader who finds balance, sets boundaries, and seizes every meaningful opportunity.

To secure your spot in the "Living Fully Expressed" program and embark on this life-changing journey, email me at to apply.

Here's to living fully expressed and embracing your inner badass, with science-backed strategies and real-world results to support you!

With deep love, as a champion for your vision,

Joan-Claire Gilbert, Esq., Executive Leadership Coach

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