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The Key to Doing More is to Do Less

Ever feel like you are getting hit in every direction with demands or needs – from clients, from your colleagues or boss, from your kids, your spouse or partner, maybe even from extended family or friends?

Do you feel “squeezed out”?

Like, “Where is there any room left for me, for nurturing me and filling my cup?”

As a high-achieving attorney, business owner, or leader, your tendency may be to spin your wheels faster.  “Do more!” that voice tells you . . and almost unconsciously you obey. 

“Get going!” “Go faster!”  “Think harder!” “Skip breakfast/lunch/dinner!” “Cut out your exercise routine!” “Yell (at the kids) louder!”

…whatever you can do to get more work DONE.

We all want to achieve more and be more impactful…but at the expense of our own health and well-being? And our fulfillment?

Is it really worth it?

You might be wondering, “What am I missing here?”

“Why does it feel like I always come out with the short end of the stick?”

Let me tell you why.

You’re doing it the old way – the way you learned and continued to practice in H.S./college/law school/business school and beyond.

The way that got you to exactly where you are right now: 

Hugely successful from most people’s point of view . . .

Performing at a high level, but feeling like you’ve got to work even harder to perform better.


That’s the nagging question you’re asking yourself.

Is this the right workplace for me? Do my boss or colleagues really care about me, the “real” me who is clawing her way up for some air occasionally?  And if they don’t, who will?

That’s right –



Let me tell you the hard (and also freeing) truth: 

YOU and only you get to call the shots at the end of the day.

You get to choose what you will put up with  – both from yourself and others.

You get to choose whether to continue to work in a way that has you pushing harder, only to feel less fulfilled and more depleted.

You’re in control, at least in this arena.

Would you like to learn how to tune into you more?  To really listen to her, maybe for the first time ever?

Would you love to feel like you’re filling your cup while you’re serving others?

Would you get excited if you knew there was a way to feel less stressed, less anxious, less scattered (i.e., more present, peaceful, and in the flow) AND also improve your performance and impact at the same time?


Good news . . . there is.

It begins with growing your self-awareness of your default pattern of thinking and doing the past few decades, so it takes a little more intense focus initially – not more than 1-3% of your workday, with an hour of training on the weekend for 7 consecutive weeks, and some time with me 2-4 times a month to break down what you’re learning and how you’re applying it in your particular life.

With growing, continued practice of self-awareness, you’re 90% there.

Awareness brings choice.

It also brings increased wisdom.

You begin to prioritize your time more effectively, shedding the activities and way of being/thinking and doing that no longer serves you and the impact you want to make.

I will teach you how to access your greatest intuition so you can get more and more connected to the real you, the fully-expressed you.

The next level of you who achieves more while feeling less pressure and stress is just an email away:

I’m here to guide you, as your loving champion, back to YOU. :)

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